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We like to represent our company in Germany offering computer Hard-and Software distributing Computers made by IBM, COMPAQ, TOSHIBA, NEC and Siemens.

PINWRITER made by:



Software development, CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAM (Computer Aided Manufactoring), DTP (Desk Top Publishing), Communinaction (LAN, Office-Automation, PC-Host-Connectivity), Medicine

Near all strategie IBM-PC-System we implement for you our optimum solution with other producers from Hard-and Software.

We offer the system which you can write in Arabic language "Dos Arabic" and pinwrite it as well. We are sitting in BREMERHAVEN and we have the best connection to the sea so that your enquiries immediately in meantime will be distributed and arrived on the spot in best orders and conditions.

We are ready to offer you every things has to do with COMPUTERS and ACCESSORIES. Means our technical progress, competance, services, know-how and experiences we can say we are one of the Dominant Companies on the Sector of distribution and sales from Computers in Germany.

We are very intresting to commerce and work with you. Please send us your enquiries the time will show that it worth to trust and make business with us and nevertheless during our efforts, reliability and performance we will prove that we are equal and the right partner to you.

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